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Marcel Wissing Boada, born in 1998 in Dresden, Germany, is a plein air painter, painting instructor and traveler. Since January 2023, he has been on a journey through South Asia, exploring the landscapes and cultures of India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Immersed in these diverse environments, Marcel translates his impressions onto canvas, capturing the essence of a place and exploring the aesthetics of such a complex world.

Through his art, Marcel seeks to bridge the gap between people, places, and cultures, showcasing the power of artistic expression to connect and inspire.

Marcel's style is a blend of realism and impressionism, with bold brushstrokes and vivid colors that bring his subjects to life. His art has been exhibited in galleries across Europe and Asia.



June 2023 "Prelude" Samsara Academy of Art

Hyderabad, India

October 2022 "Qualia: sensaciones brutas" Group exhibition, Palau Dalmases
Barcelona, Spain
July 2022 "Barcelona" Solo exhibition, Casa Dosmanos
Barcelona, Spain
March 2021 "En Plein Air" Solo exhibition, Centre Cívic Casinet d'Hostafrancs 
Barcelona, Spain
September 2020 "Plein Air: Averiguant els camins de la llum" Solo exhibition, Parc Natural de l'Empordà
Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, Spain
April 2020 "En Plein Air" Virtual exhibition, Centre Civic el Carmel
Barcelona, Spain
July 2017 "Marcel Wissing Boada und sein Werk" Solo exhibition, Jugendkunstschule Bodenseekreis 
Meersburg, Germany 

Professional career


2023/24 Samsara Academy of Art, Guest instructor

Hyderabad, India

2022 Plein Air Barcelona, Founder and instructor

Barcelona, Spain

2021/22 Barcelona Academy of Art, Instructor of Landscape Painting
Barcelona, Spain



2019/21 Barcelona Academy of Art, drawing and painting program 

Barcelona, Spain 

2017/18 El Gallo Estudio de Arte, course in ceramics and raku pottery 

Puebla, Mexico 

2013/17 Jugendkunstschule Bodenseekreis, Drawing and painting class with Davor Ljubicic 

Meersburg, Germany 

2016 Steinmetz Wiest, Short apprenticeship with stonemason Peter Wiest 

Überlingen, Germany 

2015 Wooth Restaurierung, Short internship in a restoration company 

Baden-Baden, Germany 

2012 Escola Muset, Intensive drawing and painting course 

Barcelona, Spain 

2007/2010 Academia Taure, Drawing and painting class  

Barcelona, Spain

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